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Thank you both for coming. I'm sure you've been prepped enough for today but please stay focused and diligent. Communication is key. Make sure your safety glasses never come off during testing. We are about to introduce the RED AI to the system...They need to cooperate. Be careful, you are about to revolutionize artificial intelligence as we know it.

I See Red People is a game all about communication and cooperation. Each player wears a set of special glasses with colored lenses. The catch is that you can not see your own color and in a sense, your own character. Two players have to work together to solve puzzle, traverse obstacles, and survive against enemy AI.

ISRP is made for festivals. If you download this game, you will most likely not be able to experience it the way we intended. Yes you can enjoy the art, sound, and level design, but the gameplay will not be the same without the physical glasses.

Art - Rob Moreno

Producer and Design - Jonathan Russell

Sound - Josh Eckhart

Design and Glasses Creation - DeMarco Scarnegie 

Programming - David  Anderson


I See Red People_V2.12.zip 106 MB

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